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A sci-fi movie worth seeing: The Man From Earth

The thing I liked the most in this film is the atmosphere. Though there is no action that we can pinpoint or any story acted by the actors, nerve-wracking story of a man from 14000 year ago grips you and till the end you watch the hot debate going on between friends in awe and curiosity. As if you re there when Professor John Oldman tells his collegues that he never dies and has been living for ages. The idea strucks them as crazy though they go on interrogating John out of mere cunning at first. Here the director successfully shows us different stances, perspectives piling up one another and refuting the credibility of John. Yet there lingers a doubt. Each of the characters has their limits. They ask according to their profession, expertise. They can test John only at that basis. And when we come to John Oldman himself he turn into a proof of human failings. Though he lived for centuries he is never better than the best man of knowledge than the age he lives through. Man is limited b…