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Smells of NYC

this weekend we were in new york City the city with capital C me, my love and my baby 4th of July 2008 it smelled linden trees across the Central Park where the rain soaked to our skin and deep inside my love was rethinking the whole concept if we did right to come all this way if he was willing to sacrifice the day we walked next to each other baby was sleeping as rain continued to drop here and there as the huge trees whispered to our ears "You re in the right track" my tired legs were untied we crossed all the way hand in hand it smelled shish kebabs at every corner with their whirling smoke making the pedestrians dumb as we turn and turn to find the points-of-interest transformed into City dervishes in strange ecstasy always on watch, my guiding angel, and my eyes on our little one who acknowledges the crowd with a cheerful smile it smelled musky lavender or a perfume I cannot describe men and women of the manhattan island wear it all along as they pass by its aroma makes a statement bound …