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I crossed cities, I crossed silent rivers.
I came in winter, I came in summer.
I saw your gardens full of autumn leaves.
I am a little castaway, a bird out of its flock.
I pray that someday you would hear my song:

Teakettle teakettle teakettle tea!

Like a forlorn star up above the sea,
I struggled in vain to make you see,
the beat of my heart and the light I give.
Pain taught me to leave no trace for love,
Though my eyes tell on me: teakettle teakettle tea!

Farabi's Castle

It smells musty gun powder; his little face fits in
the elongated rectangular of the loopholes-
thin slits that admit light into his dark tower
where colors become slaves to masonry.

Alone with his childish fears
and the reminiscences of past few days
trapped in that chamber
and body consumes light.
The walls question; dig them, hit and wiggle.
Playing hide-and-seek,
he is always the one to seek.
Rotating around the moving walls
nails blotted with dirt,
wisdom, a hunch on his back.
No eye can pry into him, no finger can point him.
He had a lifetime to materialize:
Why is it that yellow light passes through the loopholes
sometimes and other times not?

a modern scientist repeats him on and on
That in the quantum of a black hole
light is distorted in a whim:
an eye on the invisible.
The blindness was not void.
It was human trial, testament for the things to come.
He tried to draw circles, triangles, and squares
though he lived in a quadrangle
of barriers where no Otherness had breached.

Meva Ayse

Kalbinin Sesini Duyduğum Gün

Bana bir gün söyleseler
kalbinin sesini duyacağımı
inanmam güler geçerdim
içimdeki dünya, ufak sevdiğim

Bana bir gün deselerki sen gelmişsin
koşar bakar taa gözlerine derinden
o duyduğum ses sen miydin
içimdeki dünya, Hakkın aşığı

Bana bir gün desen Anne!
ah ne çabuk büyüdün yavrum
daha dün gibi kalbinin sesi hala kulaklarımda
içimdeki dünya, ufak sevdiğim

Oscar for Pan's Labyrinth or El Laberinto del Fauno

Best Fantasy of the past decade! says a commentetor. That's really what I first thought when I watched the film. In a two hour story Guillermo del Toro, the writer and director of Pan's Labyrinth surpasses even the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Maybe some fans of Tolkien would be offended by what I say, but Ofelia's journey has a more intense effect on the audience than the Hobbit's journey. The writer gave the real World War II Spain along with the magical world of the little girl. It is more than a dream world or an imaginative realm. Pan's Labyrinth is the pain, the hope and the peace all merged in one movie. The musics and the scenes are a feast as well. I have watched many fantasy movies but by far this is the best and had the most effect on me.
Hope it takes the Oscars!!
By the way it took 8.5 in IMDB ratings...:

Miracle of Life

these days it is hard to see miracles...
only in movies: fantastic moments imposed on us
magical-realism and far-away vistas
to escape from the barrier of the Real

yet all that time
a forgotten lollipop is in your pocket
which you cherish with a childlike smile
Allah (c.c) gives
the miracle of life
within a womb.