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Istanbul uzaktan güzel...

Istanbul, beautiful from a distance...;)

One of my English poems... Open to comments, Hey Everyone!


I eat up my days fast and wanting more
like Sunflower seeds.
I started on august 14th
a full moon over the sky
and 14th of Şevval
according to the moon calendar
of my Grand Grand parents.

A salty taste on my tongue
I am not sure if I dreamt this
I have to go back and check
to the time when I was a little closer
to being carefree and surprised
Now flashes of it come and go.
The day when Zeynep and me loitered
Our backyard with sunflower husks
The sun burning up doesn’t matter
Nor the crackling of crusts

This time my life’s crust between my teeth
I came to this franchised cafe
To fill myself with French vanilla
Now an ordinary taste though exotic once
And to think about everything in a row
My aspiration, my prayers and endless telephone bills
I guess the seeds without husks have no aspect
I feel a loss of flavor, an easy victory
Without a winner.

Meva Ayse © 2005

Syracuse de bir Lahmacun Ziyafeti...

Paylaşıldıkça artan bir tat! Dün akşam çok güzel oldu ama lahmacundan çok beraber olduğumuz için!;)

HAMUR: (hazır pizza hamuru da olur)
1/2 kg un1.
5 cup yogurt
3 cup sivi yag (eritilmis tereyagi da olur)
1 kucuk paket kuru maya (Fleischman marka)
2 tatli kasigi tuz1 tatli kasigi seker1/
4 cup ilik su
Kucuk bir kapta ilik suda sekeri cozup mayayi ekleyin. Yaklasik 10 dakika icinde mayanin kabarmasi lazim. Kabarmazsa maya sizlere omur demektir, taze bir paketle deneyin.Mayali sekerli suyu, yagi, tuzu, yogurdu ve unu karistirip usanmadan yogurun. Burasi "bilimden cok sanat." Su gicik oldugum "kulak memesi kivami"ndan biraz daha yumusakca bir hale gelmesi gerekiyor. Benim olcum ele yapismamasi. O hale gelinceye kadar azar azar un eklemeye devam edebilirsiniz. En az 10 dakika yogurun.Ilik ortamda en az 1 saat daha kabarmasini bekleyin. Ben hamuru metal bir kaba koyup 200F'ye isitilip sondurulmus firinda bekletirim genelde. Ustu hafif kurusa da evde soba arkasi olmadigindan…

What I finished reading...and would like to share..

I have recently read Robert Harris' Pompeii, a brilliant historical novel that passes during the time of the Roman Empire and just before the eruption of the Mount Vesuvius (that famous event that is still remembered with the burnt to death bodies of people found under the centuries old lava deposits in Pompeii, Italy). More than anything it is a great summer read, anyone who liked the movie Gladiator will like this book as well. The author used historical facts and the 78 AD Herculaneum, Pompeii Roman cities.
---The Bottom Line---
It is a retelling of the volcanic eruption of Mt. Vesuvius from the perspective of an ancient aqueduct engineer.It is a carefully researched modern thriller set in August A.D. 79 in Campania. Robert Harris tells the story of corruption, politics, love, Roman superstition, slavery, and engineering, all set against the power of Mt. Vesuvius.
ı been t…